• RESPECT - Respect the others sitting in the gym and pool, your coaches, your parents, each other. Respect yourself and the time you’ve put in by doing your absolute best each time you step on the block.

  • LEARN - Come and see your coach before each event and after you’ve swum. This is a great time to learn what you did well and what could have been done differently.

  • PREPARE - Know the time you just swam and if it was a best time.  Be prepared to do well!

  • DRESS - Swimmers will dress as a team for meets. Please wear your team suit and either a black or red swim cap. Team caps are available for purchase.

  • WARM UPS - Swim families will make every effort to attend our warm up times.

  • ABSENCES - If, due to sickness, you are unable to attend a meet you signed up for, PLEASE contact a coach so we know to pull you from a relay and find a substitute. There are 3 others who are counting on swimming that event.

  • REPRESENT - You are representing yourself and your team when you are at a meet. Please conduct yourself in a way that would give no one cause for question.

  • TEAM - Cheer on your teammates, even those you don’t know very well. Invite a newbie to join your group, ask someone who is sitting alone to sit with you, make a new friend.

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