If you want to be the best, you have to do things that other people aren't willing to do. -- Michael Phelps


Practice Attendance



Practice attendance will be determined by each groups training coach. We do, however, ask and require that all swimmers arrive on time and prepared with their equipment for the day‐caps for anyone with hair that reaches their eyes, goggles that do not leak, appropriate swimsuits, water bottle, towel and whatever other training tools that will be used for the day as outlined by the group coach (fins, kickboards, etc).





Practice times are subject to change. High School V/JV swim practice and meets will change practice times while in season.


Daily Practice Guidlines


● Be Early. Know when your Practice starts. Fill water bottles, get your equipment and get used to the cold water in that amount of time prior to practice starting.

● Know what you can do and do it well.

● Know what you can’t do and work to improve that skill.

● If school is cancelled due to inclement weather, the pool closes and the Penguins will not practice.

● The Locker Room will be kept clean. Our athletes should also be mindful of the fact that we are a community pool with others using the locker room at the same time. Treat others as you want to be treated and act in front of others as you would have them act in front of you.

● You will experience some aches and pains at some point during the season. You need to know the difference between being tired and being injured. If you are tired, swim through it. If you are injured, you need to tell a coach immediately. **One thing that will help is adequate water consumption! PLEASE do not go all day at school without drinking and then expect to swim for an hour or 2 on whatever small amount you drink at practice; that usually won’t cut it. You need to hydrate BEFORE and DURING an intense workout. We ask the younger swimmers to bring their bottles and follow this practice as well so they can begin to form good habits about proper


● Be ready to learn. Understand that coaches are here to make you better. Listen to and do what they say to the best of your ability.

● Our success as a program will largely be determined by each swimmer’s ability to give themselves fully to the team. If everyone does this, we will be successful!

Care of Equipment


Swimmers are expected to care for team equipment as if it were their own (or better than their own!) It is expected that each swimmer be prepared for practice by having their equipment on deck BEFORE they are scheduled to start, and to return it to the storage room upon completion of their practice. If something is borrowed, return it; if something is broken, fix it; if something is privately owned, do not take it. These are sensible rules of good society that also apply to the swim club.

Swimmers will provide their own one‐piece suits, goggles, and caps when needed (any swimmer whose hair reaches their eyes when wet needs a cap) and water bottle. It is not advisable for swimmers to wear team suits to practice, as the suits tend to fade and wear the more often they are worn. To keep our team looking sharp and matching at the meets, we would ask that the team suits be kept in good shape. Thank you for complying with this.


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